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Your vehicle will undoubtedly function better with quality parts, not to mention genuine parts straight from the manufacturer. Because your vehicle was designed to operate with original parts, it's simply the best option to choose genuine Nissan parts from our Nissan Parts Center here at Barberino Nissan when the time comes. Our dealership is located in Wallingford, CT but we proudly serve drivers in surrounding areas like New Haven and beyond.

Our parts center is stocked with brand-new, genuine Nissan parts and genuine automotive parts and accessories for your vehicle. Middletown and New Britan area drivers will be pleased with the quality of our parts as well as the durability and reliability they offer over cheaper knock-offs. While it might seem tempting to buy a less expensive part from a competitor, you run the risk of the part failing sooner, or causing an issue with your vehicle. Opting for certified parts will ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly with the equipment with which it was engineered, and ultimately that helps you drive more safely and confidently.

Our team can assist you in securing the exact part you need, along with any accessories you might want to enhance your driving experience. If we don't have a part on hand, we can easily and quickly order it for you. We know that some of our customers prefer to install parts themselves - and that's just fine! We do, however, offer the assistance and expertise of our service technicians as well if you need some help.

Please check out our parts center whenever you have some free time, and don't hesitate to reach out to one of our team members about any part you need in the near future. If you know what you need, order your parts today!

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