Are you new to the United States, and have not established credit yet? Are you looking to get approved on a car loan, but having trouble because you lack credit history in the United States? If so, Barberino Nissan is here to help. We work with Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp to make your loan approval process easy and efficient. Establishing credit from scratch and securing a car loan approval can be frustrating, but not at Barberino Nissan. We do the hard work for you and get you into the new car you want in a timely manner. The Foreign Professional Finance Program allows professionals with higher salaries, due to higher education or unique skill sets, to obtain financing without an established history.

Please Bring These Documents to the Dealership

  • Copy of the applicant's U.S. visa, with photo redacted (typically H-1B "Specialty Occupation" work visas)
  • Verifiable length of stay in the U.S. as noted on the visa
  • Copy of the applicant's U.S. Social Security Card
  • Verifiable minimum annual income of $75,000
  • A letter of employment which includes your job title, start date, anticipated length of employment in the U.S., and a Human Resources contact
  • Verification of residential status and phone number
  • Two verifiable U.S. references

If you've just moved to the U.S. and you need a car, visit Barberino Nissan, for your next new or used vehicle. We will make getting your car loan easy and stress-free.

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