A New Nissan Lease is a Great Way to Enjoy a Better Drive for a Better Price

When you're shopping for a new vehicle in Wallingford, CT, there are plenty of decisions to make. Not only are you figuring out which body style and model works for your life, but also the auto financing option that's best for your budget. But also, what if you want to upgrade your vehicle in a few years? What about routine maintenance and service? How do you figure that into your life? Barberino Nissan has the solution: a new Nissan lease!

Why Should You Lease a New Nissan in the Hartford Area?

So, why should you consider leasing a new Nissan? Well, besides the high-quality performance and features of new Nissan models like the new Nissan Rogue and new Nissan Altima, leasing affords plenty of benefits for New Haven area drivers.

  • Don't pay full price: When you lease, you only pay for the period of your lease, which tends to be 24-36 months. That means you don't end up paying full price to drive a new Nissan in the New Britain area!
  • Lower monthly payments: Because you're not paying full price for the value of your vehicle, monthly payments tend to be lower when you lease.
  • Lower sales tax: Also, sales tax can be lower on a lease. Yet another way you save by leasing a new Nissan.
  • Routine maintenance costs: But what about routine maintenance? Good news! A lot of standard service is covered under warranty. That means you can take care of your new Nissan, and not have to worry about breaking the bank in Middletown, CT.
  • Upgrade to a new model more often: Saving money on monthly payments and service aren't the only perks of leasing. When your lease is done, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a newer Nissan model! That's right, you can get behind the wheel with the latest and best Nissan performance and features every few years.

What Happens When My Lease Ends?

Starting a new Nissan lease is certainly exciting, but what happens when it comes to an end? That's a common question, and the options are as plentiful the new Nissan lineup itself.

  • Sign a new lease with a newer model: We already touched on this one above, but it bears repeating... you can drive a new Nissan every few years in Hamden!
  • Purchase your beloved Nissan: Did you fall in love with your Nissan over the course of the lease? Take it home for good by purchasing it for its residual value.
  • Re-lease your Nissan: Do you still want to keep the option open to upgrade in the future, but also want to keep driving your vehicle? Why not re-lease your current Nissan? However, this option sometimes caries a higher interest rate because lenders consider a used vehicle lease to be a bit riskier. You may find that the higher interest rate is still more cost effective because of the lower monthly payments, however.
  • Extend your Nissan lease: Not quite sure what to do yet? It's okay, it's a big decision! Extend your current lease to give yourself a little more time to think it through.

Lease a New Nissan Today at Barberino Nissan!

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of not only leasing a new vehicle, but leasing a new Nissan specifically. So when you're ready to get behind the wheel of a new Nissan car, SUV, truck, or commercial van, visit Barberino Nissan! Our expert sales team will be happy to show you the exciting new Nissan lineup here in the New Haven area, and help you find the right model for your needs.

When it's time to work out the details of your new Nissan lease, our Nissan finance team will be there to go through all of your options. So, do you want to get started? Visit our new Nissan dealership in Wallingford, CT today for a test drive, and hit the road with a new Nissan lease!

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