With a redesigned look and advanced features, the 2020 Nissan Versa is the car that arrived with a much-needed makeover. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility used integrates advanced safety features, comfort, and controlled driving in this model. As the future of driving has arrived, you can reach your local dealership in Wallingford, CT, to explore the new features of 2020 Nissan Versa.


The new design of the 2020 Nissan Versa is much wider and longer than its 2019 model. With a lean and wide shape, the car gives a sporty look and turns heads when you drive it. Its style also resembles the Nissan Altima.

The exterior of the Versa was rebuilt to give it a more attractive look and make it more aerodynamic when on the road.  Visit your nearby Nissan dealer in Connecticut for a test drive.


If we talk about the 2020 Versa model performance, it is upgraded to deliver you significant performance. This is proved by its 1.6 liter DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) 16 valves, and the four-cylinder engine gives an output of 122 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. This car is available for a test drive in Wallingford.

The Xtronic CVT or the 5-speed manual transmission provides easy and smooth acceleration. While driving, when you press hard the gas pedal, the gear changes and does not provide you any swift shock. When you are on the highway, the fuel efficiency is also maximized with 40 MPG. For more information about its features, visit your Nissan dealership in the New Haven city in Connecticut.


The interior of 2020 Nissan Versa is reimagined for providing more space to drivers with an intuitive cabin. When you have to wind up or down the windows, the power-operated windows do this without any hassle.

The decklid of the car has a total space of 14.7 cubic feet. There are optional 60/40 rear seats in S trim and standard in the above trims for adding more cargo space. The more space allows you to carry your essentials. Visit a Nissan automobile store in Waterbury for a look at the car.


There are several driver-assist features in the 2020 Nissan Versa, and these are part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology. The moment you step into your car, you will experience surprising perks in the reimagined model. The exceptional craftsmanship, innovative technology, and intuitive design will make your drive more enjoyable and comfortable. NissanConnect allows you to connect your smartphone to the car seamlessly. It gives you the comfort of hands-free calling and Bluetooth connectivity. Various USB ports keep your devices charged.  You can even toggle through screens and adjust the volume straight from the steering wheel. You can connect your compatible iPhone to your car with Apple Car play. The Android Auto allows you to give hundreds of voice commands without getting distracted from driving. With the buttons on the steering wheel, you can customize the full-color display and see your desired information from the tachometer. It can be your playlist, fuel economy history, and others. The 2020 model is also enabled with remote keyless entry. Push Button Ignition removes the need for getting keys again and gain. If you live in cities like Meriden that see extreme winters, starting the engine is easy with the remote engine start system of a Nissan Intelligent Key.


When you are in your 2020 Versa, you are surrounded by a 360-degree safety shield. The six safety features that are included in your car are:

  • Automatic emergency braking to avoid a collision
  • High beam assist in high traffic
  • Rear automatic braking for avoiding a rear collision
  • Blind-spot warning when detects a hiding vehicle
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Lane departure warning assures you change the lane at the right time

The Follow Me Headlights feature in the car guides you for 30 seconds by keeping the headlights on when you exit from the vehicle. If you live in Hartford, visit your Nissan dealership to know more about this wonderful car. The car is also ready for unexpected or unfortunate situations like accidents. It keeps its riders safe with the 10 airbags. Along with the stylish exterior, the 2020 Nissan Versa is wrapped with improved interior and various safety features.

Enjoy your safe drive with a 2020Nissan Versa!

Contact your Nissan dealer in Wallingford, CT now, to get the car with amazing new and enhanced features.